Eve is graceful, luminous and impeccably dressed. She wears western boots and hats, and vintage white denim jackets with matching slim jeans. Her hair is pale blonde, her skin nearly translucent white, and her lips often colored deep red with lipstick. Several thousand years older than Adam, Eve possesses an exuberant appreciation for eternal consciousness. She believes their immortality is a great gift not to be squandered and that life, though precarious and fragile, is too far precious to be wasted.

What Time Is It There? | dir. Tsai Ming-liang (2001)


Andrea Spotorno photographs Faye Wong for Céline

SOURCE: Bird Production

Karidja Touré and ‘Girlhood’ director Céline Sciamma, photographed by Cecile Burban.

-Why did you let me come here?

-I don’t know.


A Swedish Love Story (1970) - Dir. Roy Andersson | Sweden